Particle Physics (The option)

Q1. What three values are conserved in a nuclear reaction.



Q2.222Rn86 undergoes a nuclear disintegration and loses an alpha particle. 7.8X10-13j are released as the kinetic energy of the products. Find the kinetic energy of the alpha particle.



Q3. Name the four fundamental forces of nature and give a property of each.




Q4. Distinguish between Leptons and Hadrons with regard to their structure and the forces they feel.

Structure: Leptons______________________________________________________________




Force: Leptons__________________________________________________________________




Q5. Give the quark composition of Mesons and Baryons.


Mesons________________________ Baryons_________________________


Q6. Name the six types of quark and give the charge to be found on each.


(1)__________________________ ____________________


(2)__________________________ ____________________


(3)__________________________ ____________________


(4)__________________________ ____________________


(5)__________________________ ____________________


(6)__________________________ ____________________

Q7. Give the quark composition of the following particles.


Proton ______________ Pion________________


Neutron_____________ Kaon_______________