Mini exam paper


Mini exam paper.

Q1.The student tested the relationship between the fundamental frequency of a string with tension and length.

Sketch the two graphs that the student would expect to get when graphing the results.

How did the student know that the string was vibrating at its fundamental frequency.

Draw a digram of the apparatus used in the experiment. List the main errors in this experiment.


Q2. A student carried out an experiment to investigate the principle of conservation of momentum.

A track and trolleys were used. The mass of the trolleys were 550 grams each. The first trolley travelled 20cm and the student counted 20 gaps in the sulfur on the track. The first trolley the hit a second trolley which was at rest and they moved 18cm over 20 gaps on the track.

What was the velocity of the first trolley before the crash?

Use the information given to verify the principle of conservation of momentum.

The result found were pretty close but not the same, explain how this could be accounted for.

List the main errors in this experiment.


Q3. The resistivity of a wire was measured.

Draw the diagram of the apparatus used in the experiment. Show on the diagram how the resistance was measured.

If the resistance of the wire was 30 ohms and its length is 1.2m. Find the resistivity of the wire when the diameter of it was measured to be 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.29mm 0.3mm 0.28mm.

What instrument was used to measure the resistivity?List the main errors in this experiment.


Q4. Answer all parts

  1. what are the factors that effect the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor.

  2. Define fission and fusion.

  3. What is the force of attraction between two 1000kg masses when the distance between them is 0.5m G=6.7x10-11.

  4. Define simple harmonic motion.

  5. Name the four fundamental forces of nature.


Q5. Draw a diagram of the CRT. Explain the term thermionic emission.

An electron is accelerated in a CRT with a voltage of 8kv. What is the the energy the electron gains?

What velocity does the electron reach? If the CRT is 0.5m in length how long will it take the electron to travel the length of it?


Q6. What are the laws of electron magnetic induction?

A loop of wire enters a magnetic field of flux density 8.5T, perpendicular to the field. It enters the field at a speed of 5m\s, and it takes 2 seconds to enter fully. Find the emf induced in the field.

What is the moment of force when the loop becomes parallel to the field. Explain your answer.


Q7. Name an elementary particle. Give some properties of this particle (3).

If a particle is not an elementary one what is it made of? Name the variety and charge of these particles. How is a meson constructed?

If U238 loses an alpha particle and the energy if the disintegration is 8.8X10-10j Find the portion of this energy that will be given to the alpha particle.


Q8. A van moves toward an observer. The frequency of the van is 5kh. Its velocity is 100m\s. What is the change in apparent frequency as the van passes?

What is the difference between a longitudinal and transverse wave? What is polarization?

Explain interference.