Christmas study

Christmas study



In an experiment to measure the speed of sound in a particular medium of gas a student used an evacuated tube and a tuning fork.

-Draw a diagram of the apparatus setup.

- How did the student vary the length of the tube?

- How much of the wavelength of the wave is in the tube at the first harmonic?

- 0.3d is used as part of the calculation of the speed in this experiment. Account for its presence.

- If the frequency of a tuning fork is 512Hz and the diameter of the tube averaged to be 2cm and the length of the tube at the first harmonic was 52cm find the speed of sound in the medium. Is this medium air? Why?

- How would a student make the result of this experiment more accurate?

- What were the errors that the student could not avoid making during the experiment?



(a) What is the formula for the resistivity of wire?

(b) In verifying Boyle’s law describe how the student managed to keep the temperature of the gas constant.

(c) Calculate the critical angle of a substance who’s refractive index is 2.4.

(d) When investigating current flow and voltage through a filament bulb a student recorded the current and voltage variations on a graph. Give the shape of this graph. Explain why the resistance of the bulb changes in this way.




(a) Define angular velocity.

(b) A satellite is in orbit around the earth, derive the relationship between the period of the satellite, the mass of the earth and the radius of the orbit.

(c) One of Saturn’s moons has a period of 6 days (earth days). The distance from the moon to the planet is 2 X 108m. What is the mass of Saturn?