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Fifth year summer exam 2014

19/05/2014 22:07
Fifth years take note. For your summer exam you will be tested on all of the leaving cert experiments bar the four heat experiments which we will do next year. You will also be examined on ALL of the modern physics material including the particle theory chapter. Remember the layout of your summer...

Predictions for 2014 exams

19/05/2014 21:53
Watch this space. THE PREDICTIONS FOR THIS YEARS Physics 2014 experiments will be coming shortly. If it is anything like last year all will be well.  

Using the tables

12/05/2014 14:33
When preparing for the leaving cert students should ensure that they are very familiar with the tables of formulae which are available to them in the exam. Follwing tests with students it has been noticed that substanial amounts of valuable time can be wasted in an exam situation, as students look...

Wavelength of monochromatic light

17/12/2009 14:22
Experiment to calculate the wavelength of monochromatic light   Formula: nλ = d Sinθ. n=fringe order . d=diffracion grating. θ=angle of diffraction...

Refractive index of glass block (Snells law)

17/12/2009 14:22
  To verify Snell's law. To find the refractive index of a glass block.   Formula: n = sin i/ sin r. Errors: Measurement of angles only as accurate a protractor. Accuracy: If the angle of incidence is made larger then the refracted angle becomes larger, reducing percentage error of...

Refractive index of liquid

17/12/2009 14:21
  To find the refractive index of a liquid   Formula = Refractive index =Real depth / Apparent depth. This experiment is carried out using the method of No parallax. Parallax = Apparent movement of an object with regard to another object, due to observer motion. Errors occur here in...

Focal length of convex lens

17/12/2009 14:21
    To find the focal length of a converging (convex) lens.     Formula, errors, accuracy and approximation all the same as concave mirror.

Focal length of concave mirror

17/12/2009 14:18
  To find the focal length of a concave mirror.               Formula = 1/u + 1/v = 1/f             Errors = opinion when image is sharpest. Ruler accurate to...
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