About Us

This website was formed for leaving certificate students.

The main idea of this website is to whittle down the leaving cert Physics course to the bare bones.

If the information is on this site you need to know it for the leaving. You could probable do with knowing a lot more too, but the info here should get you through.

If  you have any questions on particular parts of the leaving cert physics course, feel free to email macaodhaphysics@yahoo.com.

Every attempt will be made to get back to you as soon as possible


This site will be updated regularly with any of the essential notes or information you cannot afford to be without. Just visit regularly to be kept in the loop.

History of project

This project was started at the end of december 2009.

Since then the site has had more than 12000 hits from many different countries including

USA, China, Chech republic, latvia, Belise, Canada and Ireland.


As more users log on the site begins to consume more bandwidth online. And this may become an issue for the future as there are costs involved with expanding available bandwidth.