Section 1.

Q1. Give some properties of magnets.

Q2. Explain the difference between magnetic north and true north.

Q3. Give some applications of the earth’s magnetic field.

Q4. What happens to an electron when it enters a magnetic field?

Q5. An electron enters a magnetic field of magnetic flux density 8T at right angles to the field. It is moving at a speed of 750m/s, find the radius of the path it follows.


Section 2.

Q1. How would you plot the electric field around a current carrying conductor.

Q2. Explain the right hand grip rule.

Q3. What is the difference between a coil and a solenoid?

Q4. Draw two diagrams, one which shows the field around a coil and the other which shows the field around a solenoid.

Q5. Name the materials which are attracted by magnets. What is a natural magnet made of?


Section 3.